Top performance and satisfied employees are complementary

We have consciously built Vienesse on social and future-oriented core values. This is reflected in our strategy, corporate culture and business principles. We are firmly convinced that our healthy, transparent and social working atmosphere contributes significantly to the top performance that Vienesse consultants achieve for our clients every day.

Your path to Vienesse

Our multi-stage application process can take place online and/or on-site. Personal fit is very important to us, which is why you can expect eye-to-eye interviews without interrogation charachter. We make sure that you get to know as many Vienesse colleagues as possible so that we can form a meaningful picture of each other.


Your path at Vienesse

Within our five consultant levels, we communicate clear requirements for different areas of responsibility. The Vienesse promotion process offers fast and fair chances for advancement. We evaluate your performance according to objective criteria, whereby a promotion is possible after 1.5 years and in the Fasttrack after just one year. We make sure that you receive the trainings that fit your individual career path.


Benefits at Vienesse

No, we don’t advertise with a fruit basket to convince you to join Vienesse. Instead, we offer you unique after-work evenings on our roof terrace with a view over Vienna, lots of events and a flexible arrangement of your remote work location.


Working at Vienesse

Internally and externally, you are a full member of Vienesse from day one. While externally we always strive for a symbiotic relationship with clients and guarantee this through training, internally there are no limits to your initiatives.

Team & Working together

Teamwork is considered the highest and most important asset at Vienesse. Through interdisciplinary teams, we promote exchange between colleagues, which builds knowledge sharing and achieves joint success.

In particular, we focus on our five core values:

  • Authenticity
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Participation
  • Appreciation

The best way to find out how these values are implemented and lived is to ask the team itself.

The invigorating start-up mentality, trust, responsibility and working together to develop a company are aspects that I personally particularly appreciate about Vienesse. Furthermore, Vienesse is characterised by a warm collegiality and an inspiring working atmosphere, which is characterised by a culture of mutual support and the pursuit of a common goal.


The motivation to work at Vienesse comes from the fact that I have been allowed to take on a lot of responsibility since my first day and that ideas of any kind are welcome and supported. In addition, there is the team that is always ready to help in all situations and questions.


What I particularly appreciate about my work at Vienesse is that you meet at eye level, that you are asked for your opinion regardless of your position and that you generally have an incredible amount of opportunities and, above all, development possibilities within the company. The level of flexibility is very important to me, even if it is not a matter of course, and means a basis of trust that I value very much. In addition, the support among each other is incredibly strong and motivates me anew every day.


Vienesse allows me to work with friends on interesting topics and develop my own approaches. In addition, I have the opportunity to do good for organisations and create added value for society through our NGO projects.


It's fun to work in a team where we encourage each other to continuously develop professionally and also translate our interests into further skillsets. The opportunity to actively implement our ideas within Vienesse is always exciting and encourages us to set no limits on our creativity.


At Vienesse, I appreciate that everyone has the chance to contribute and shape things right from the start; ideas are heard and implemented. I also enjoy the relaxed interaction with each other and the variety of different client projects.


What makes Vienesse particularly attractive is the opportunity to get involved in other areas such as sustainability, marketing or HR, depending on your personal interests. In addition, the supportive and inspiring working environment, where teamwork is a priority, motivates every day anew.



Interested in working with us?
We look forward to getting to know you.

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