With our Vienesse approach, we support you in becoming a data-driven organisation.

Data are crucial differentiating factors that can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage. We enable you to make the right decisions based on your data in a targeted manner.

Vienesse Consulting accompanies you in a data-supported reorientation by enabling deep insights into your business processes through the introduction of modern analytics platforms as well as a company-internal data culture. In doing so, our services cover everything from the development of a data-driven strategy to the effective use of data and the creation of sustainable competitive advantages.

Our services

Data Warehouse/ Lake

The storage of internal company data from different departments or IT pre-systems is one of the greatest challenges for many companies. With our service, we support you in setting up centralised data storage. Here we make it possible for you to provide the various data in a categorised and maintained form so that each of your employees has access to the same database in the operative business processes. This makes it possible to manage the separation between operational and analytical data volumes as well as the historization of your data stocks with efficient data storage.

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

With the increasing digital transformation of businesses, data volumes are also growing rapidly. It is important to utilize this data to gain new insights and deeper understanding of business processes. Modern Business Intelligence (BI) tools and the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) enable us to identify trends and patterns in your data and draw conclusions for future events. The resulting insights assist you in decision-making processes and relieve your employees by automating recurring and time-consuming tasks. We not only support in the technical implementation of such models but also identify possible areas with you where hidden business potentials may lie within your departments.

Data Governance

There is a growing awareness of the value of data resources. Nowadays, data is considered one of the most valuable ressources for gaining new knowledge, better customer understanding or even new business ideas. We support you in collecting your personal data in a targeted manner based on your information needs in order to use it sensibly while ensuring the legal data protection basic regulation (DSGVO) guidelines. Here we help you to establish an organised data management by implementing internal data governance processes for documentation and data quality.

Our tools:
BI-technologies training and documentation

Vienesse hosts training sessions where you and your colleagues can practice with examples and ask questions about specific steps to ensure that employees are equipped with the right skills.

Vienesse provides structured documentation of the required processing and visualisation steps as well as lessons learned during the implementation.

Your success made measurable:

  • The successful implementation of BI tools hand in hand with the correct usage results in the effective use of the interactive reports.
  • Through the adaptability of the tools, in cooperation with Vienesse’s training, you will benefit from efficient data management and increase the quality of your data processing.

Vienesse has supported us in implementing PowerBI as a scalable data platform for our reporting in order to increase productivity and efficiency in sustainable data preparation. We are very satisfied with the result and the solution has taken our analysis of the data of the individual departments to a whole new level. Vienesse has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Medium-sized company in the production industry, Head of IT


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